79 days to go!! Dial-up internet issues resolved

Believe it or not, until late last night I have only had dial-up internet at home!!

This has obviously made some parts of implementing this idea a bit tricky, and uploading video is one of the biggest challenges I have faced. I often have to go to a friend’s house to do this, as it takes so long here, perhaps two hours to upload a two minute clip, and often the upload fails and I have to start again.

In my previous home we had a great high-speed broadband connection, but for most of last year I worked away from home in the mines in far-north Western Australia. I was only home one week out of three, and was out and about most of the time I was here in Perth. then for the first two months of this year I was away travelling, so broadband would have been a complete waste of money.

However, now I find that I am really struggling without it, and have had all sorts of issues over the last three weeks.

So, I have finally got myself organised, contacted a local firm, and got connected to broadband again.

Advantages of this are many. I can now upload and download without the severe time issues I faced, I can use video chat once again, I can use my phone again, it’s like a whole new world opening up once more!!

Welcome back to the 21st Century Ian!!

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