67 days to go!! Visit to Collie

Before heading to Margaret River this weekend I went to visit my friends Sean and Brooklyn, who I know from my mining days in Kalgoorlie. They have now moved to Collie, where Sean is working at the local coal mine.

Collie is about two hours’ drive south of Perth, about half an hour inland from the coast. I have not been through Collie before, and had the impression that it was just a small mining town. On the Saturday Sean and I took a drive around, and went to Wellington Dam, and followed the Collie River down streams from there.

The river is beautiful, and has many swimming areas, camp sites, BBQ, and some lovely scenery. Sean planned to take his family camping shortly for a weekend.

Collie has also just hit the national headlines too, by winning the radio station Triple J “One Night Stand” competition. So on 26th April the town gets a huge free concert put on by Triple J, featuring Aussie bands Cog, Pnau and Faker. Should be a good day – I hope I’m not working that Saturday!!

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