57 days to go!! One Night Stand in Collie!

Last time I was in Collie with Sean and Brooklyn I discovered that the town had won the annual Triple J (radio station) One Night Stand competition. Each year the competition is a search for a small rural town to hold a concert. There are several criteria which must be met, including having a population of 20,000 or less, having a suitable venue, the support of the local council, and a promo video for the town.

The past couple of years have seen towns winning from so far out in the bush that it would have taken days to get there. This year, the winning town is only two hours south of Perth, and I know people who live there! Far too good an opportunity too miss!

The three main bands are Cog, Pnau and Faker.

I am particularly looking forward to seeing Faker, who are apparently very good live. So we are currently at Sean’s house cramming down a few beers before heading down to the footy oval – it’s an alcohol-free event!

The concert will be played on Triple J this evening from 6pm Sydney time (Eastern Standard Time), and you can listen online from the link above.

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