55 days to go!! Back to work!

Since the website went live on 14th March, things have been pretty crazy for me, in terms of media interest, from newspapers, then TV, and radio stations from all over the world. I have lost count of how many interviews I have done now.

On several occasions I have turned up at work with a film crew, or suggested that they go there to speak to Jenny. She first appeared on Australian early evening current affairs TV show “Today Tonight”. Click here to watch the “Today Tonight” article. Next I arrived with a crew from US breakfast TV, although they did not use anything they filmed in the shop, unfortunately. This was followed by a visit by a Japanese TV crew, and an Australian documentary film crew too.

The end result of all this interest is that Dennis and Jenny very kindly offered me some time off to deal with all these enquiries and interviews.

But things have really quietened down now, and my other issue is that my finances are running a bit thin too. It has been just over six weeks since this project started, and I haven’t been working during that time, so it’s time to get back to work today.

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