41 days to go!! New mirror in the dining room.

Sometimes when you have thought about something for quite a while, you build up expectations of how it will be. And sometimes things just do not work out how you imagined they would. That is how life it, but it can be pretty frustrating!

I have had cause to stop and consider expectations this weekend, and had to deal with certain disappointments.

My mirror in the dining room is a bit of a disappointment. It’s another job done, but it didn’t quite work out as I had hoped. I have been meaning to make and hang a mirror in the dining room for a while now. I have had the mirror and wood laid around for a while, and my friend Andy took the wood to work to put a groove in it to sit the mirror in.

My original plan was to angle the mirror so that people in the spa, sat on the wrong side to be able to view the huge projector screen, would be able to see the screen in the reflection in the mirror. However, when I tried this, the mirror would have had to have been very angled, and looked rather odd, so I abandoned the idea. A bit of a disappointment, as all my original measurements indicated it would work very well.

The mirror still looks great, and completes the dining room, the wood having been chosen to match the dining table and chairs.

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