39 days to go!! New house guests.

Things have changed a bit at my house over the past couple of days.

In December I finished working up in the mines in far north Western Australia, and took a couple of months off to travel in a camper van across Australia. While over in New South Wales I visited my friend Alan and his family, and met his sister Jane again after meeting her about ten years previously.

It turned out that she and her husband Darryl were in a similar position to me, in that one chapter of their lives had come to an end, and for them it was time to take drastic action and start a new life.

Darryl had both given up his job, and Jane was winding up her own business, they were renting the house out, and packing a couple of suitcases. Their plan was to move over to Perth, and start working in the mines as geologists, something they had both done as a career many years before.

So with two spare bedrooms I was only too happy to offer accomodation to help them find their feet in Perth, and get started in their new life.

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They stayed here for about two months, and it was great having them here. On many evenings I would come home to find a wonderful meal cooked, and a glass of red wine waiting for me. But sadly, on Sunday they moved out, having found their own accomodation in the city.

But the very next day I got a call from Scott and Janine, friends from the UK who are travelling and working in Australia, and have been living in Margaret River for the last couple of months. They are on the move again, and are now staying in Perth for a while before heading further north, on to Broome and eventually Darwin.

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So they moved in on Monday. And when I got home last night there was a wonderful meal ready for me. Marvellous! Keep up the good work guys!

Good luck in the new home Darryl and Jane, welcome Scott and Janine.

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