12 days to go!! Winter in the city.

The “12 days to go!!” blog is appearing a little late! By the time I got in yesterday I was in no fit state to start writing a blog.

I haven’t been at work for a few days now as my friend Alan has been staying with me for a while. He flew out early this morning to return home, so yesterday we went up to the city to meet Darryl, and have a couple of quiet drinks.

The Elephant and Wheelbarrow is the first pub I had a drink in when I arrived in Perth six and a half years ago, and it hasn’t changed a bit since then. It is in Northbridge, which is Perth’s entertainment area just to the north of the city.

Darryl and Jane, who stayed with me for about seven weeks when they first arrived in Perth, have now moved into a great apartment a couple of minutes walk from The Elephant and Wheelbarrow – very handy! Jane is Alan’s sister, but she is currently away for the week, but Darryl was keen for a pint or two!

It was a bit cool outside, so we sat inside by the fire, and were there much longer than planned! Eventually we headed out for a lovely Vietnamese meal – Northbridge has a wealth of restaurants serving food from all over the world – and then after a few more drinks I caught the train home.

Having the train drop me off pretty close to home makes a day or night out in the city so easy!

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