Chicken hypnosis and chainsaws!

In a few recent blogs I have mentioned a little about the complete change in lifestyle that the move to Whitehorse has offered. I am getting used to being very careful with resources, particularly electricity and water.

On a sunny day the electricity isn’t too much of a problem, as the new solar panel seems to provide enough power to run the internet and my computer all day without having to resort to the generator.

Water isn’t too much of an issue, but the less we waste, the longer we can go between water runs. This involves a 16 kilometre round trip in the pick-up truck, laden with plastic barrels, and one big metal barrel too. Filling them all up by hosepipe at the local community centre takes around an hour.

Life here is full of interesting and different experiences. One of the great pleasures of my day when Moe is at work is looking after the chickens, and collecting their eggs. I let the chickens out and about each day, and they potter around happily, often following me around if I am outside too. We have four chickens, and usually average around three eggs per day.

Yesterday I showed Moe the entertaining art of chicken hypnosis. I can’t remember where or when I heard about this, but if you lay a chicken on it’s back and wait for it to relax, you can then let go and walk away, and it will just lie there until something surprises it out of it’s entranced state. Very amusing!

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With time to spare, and some forestry clean-up needed, Moe offered to give me a lesson in the use of her chainsaw, and duly informed of the correct and safe use of the formidable machine, I was unleashed on a couple of fallen trees. Great fun! All limbs and digits still intact at the end of the day!

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Not much progress to report on the book this week! There has been far too many distractions! I had hoped that a log cabin in the middle of nowhere would offer the ideal, distraction-free environment! Back to the writing with a vengance tomorrow though – at least that’s the plan!

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