forum page complete.

The final goal of the 93 that I completed was signed off as achieved on 3rd July, just one day before the end of my 100 weeks.

I am very proud that this is the last of the goals that I achieved, as I feel this brings the whole journey full circle. It all started when I was blindsided back in November 2005, and ends almost five years later with a forum to support others who get blindsided by life’s surprises.

On 3rd July the forum was up and working, and already had a few submissions, but I still had a couple of issues to solve that were merely to do with the look of the whole website. I am now pleased to have resolved these at last.

I managed to finally figure out why I couldn’t embed the blog in the blog page – it was as simple as one tick-box in the Blogger settings that I had missed. But I couldn’t sort out the colour scheme of the forum page itself without the assistance of a professional.

This is where Simon from “oolybooly” stepped in and offered to help. Debbie originally helped me get the forum working, and Simon completed the process by sorting out the colour scheme, so that it looks like it is an integral part of the site.

Thanks to Debbie and Simon, and to all others who have helped along the way, and a big “thank you” too to those who have contributed so far. The site has had around 1,500 visits so far. Please feel free to take a look at the forum, and make a contribution if you like too.

Click on the image below to visit the forum
(Update 2019 – This no longer exists)

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