Vote now for “Add 5” extra goals

There have been hundreds of suggestions for extra goals which could be added to my list, many of which sound absolutely fantastic. It has been pretty tricky to narrow it down to only 20 to choose from.

There are so many wonderful places to go too, many of which I have never considered before. I think that is one of the big problems when you start travelling, and see some great places, and meet others who have travelled too. The more you see, the more you realise that there is out there that you would like to see. So instead of getting shorter, your list gets longer and longer.

Anyway, there are a few travel goals on the list, a few activities, and a few experiences too. This list of twenty needs to be trimmed down to five, which will get added to the 95 that I already have.

So get voting, the top five make it to the list. Voting ends next Sunday, 20th July 2008

The twenty possibilities are as follows:-

Cover yourself in honey bees
Climb Big Ben
Learn to ride a unicycle
Spend a week in a silent retreat
See an active volcano
Live someone elses life for a week
See Kakadu National Park, Australia
See Angel Falls in Venezuela
Climb “7 peaks in 7 days” from the 53 Colorado 14ers (14,000ft+ mountains)
Spend a night in a haunted house – alone!
Ride an ostrich
See the giant redwood trees in California
See the Red Paperclip house
Attend a live concert at the Hollywood Bowl
Visit Red square in Moscow
White water rafting
See Burg Hohenwerfen, ‘Schloss Adler’ in film Where Eagles Dare
See a plane land at St Maarten Island
Become vegan for a month
Adopt an animal (preferably an endangered species)

My favourites are (but don’t let this influence your voting!!):
Learn to ride a unicycle
Ride an ostrich
See Burg Hohenwerfen, “Schloss Adler” in the film Where Eagles Dare

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