Travelling south.

The border crossing back into the States was reasonably straightforward, troubled only by the now familiar complications of travelling on an Australian passport, with a vehicle registered in Illinois, and no job or obvious means of financial support.

At one point during the interview I was sternly told, “You can’t get another I-94 after this one, you know, until you’ve been back to Australia!”

“Righto, no problem,” I said. “…so what’s an I-94?” Apparently it’s the travel visa I need to be allowed back into America. All ended well though, my passport was stamped, and I headed back into the land of the free.

I headed south down past Seattle and made a stop off at Tacoma to take a look at the Museum of Glass, which had been closed as I had passed through heading northwards. The live glass-blowing that was being performed in the huge kiln room was pretty interesting.

A couple more days of driving, and a couple of overnight stops at the ever-handy Walmart carparks has almost got me back to San Francisco, where I now plan to store the RV for the next six months.

Next stop Hawaii. Looking forward to some warmer weather again.

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