Thought-provoking last day in Mexico.

After the previous night out in Xoxocotlan cemetery I had another relaxing start to the day, sitting in the sunny courtyard of the hostel writing my blog, and trying to figure out some transport options for my forthcoming trip to China. It was pretty quiet at the hostel, and I shared cookong duties with one of my room-mates, and we shared a “make-it-up-as-we-go-along” lunch.

In the afternoon I made a quick visit to one of the many museums in town before meeting again with Essi to go and take some daylight photos in the main cemetery. It was fairly quiet there, but quite a few people were washing and decorating graves and tombs for the evening. We wandered around quietly enjoying the peaceful atmosphere.

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On the way back into the city Essi suggested we could get some materials to make our own Dia de Muertos offering, as we were invited to another hostel to join in making a group dispaly. We bought flowers and candy skulls, but unfortunately palns had changed a bit at the hostel we went to, the owner not allowing many people in after we managed to slip past her guard.

We made a small display on a table, which was fun, but not quite as personal as I had expected.

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Later, when Essi and many of the others decided to take a taxi out of town again to another small town I opted to stay in the city, and returned to the main cemetery alone. There, out in the quieter outer parts of the cemetery, I sat alone by an undecorated grave, and thought of some of the people who are now gone from my life. I tried to embrace the Mexican idea of focussing on happiness for the time I had with them, not sadness due them no longer being here.

What a thought-provoking time my days here have been. I have enjoyed the somewhat introspective nature of this trip south of the border. Thanks to all I met and shared time with in Oaxaca.

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