Mystic reading with Troy.

Dragonfly Ranch has been a fascinating place to stay, and has caused me to ask more questions of myself, and examine my assumptions and beliefs more than any other stop on this journey so far. I have been introduced to an amazing group of people, and have made huge efforts to keep my skeptical mind wide-open to all that this experience has to offer.

I had a very interesting tarot card reading with Penny yesterday, and when Troy Parkinson offered to do a “medium mystic reading” with me, I was very keen to give it a try, although, as I have often stated previously, I consider myself an open-minded skeptic on such matters.

Troy is a documnetary film-maker, and I had got on well with him during my time at Dragonfly Ranch. He is staying there while he is waiting for a mother-to-be to give birth by natural means, an event which he is filming for a documentary. I had wondered if I might be able to achieve my goal of seeing a baby being born, but my time on the island was very tight. Mum would have to be very much on time for things to work out for me.

I considered Troy to be very grounded and scientific, and was surprised when he said that he offered spiritual readings, and passed on messages from the other side.

So this morning we found somewhere quiet, and sat down together, and Troy explained what would happen, and how he works. It all sounded very interesting, and I tried to be as unskeptical as possible, but Troy suggested that my skepticism was a good thing, and didn’t mind it at all.

Troy’s session was very interesting, and he told me what he heard and saw from two different people, as well as from a spirit guide. I am still not sure about the peole we heard from, as some things he said rang true, some things I will need to check up on.

The most amazing part of the session though was when he started talking about spirit guides, and a small gecko, missing it’s front left foot ran across the table chasing an insect, and caught it. The gecko sat for ten minutes or more in front of Troy, seemingly watching him, and did not flinch or move at all as Troy gesticulated over and around it to illustrate his points. It just sat there looking at him calmly.

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The gecko wandered around the table, right up to my hand, and as Troy wound up, it wandered away towards the edge of the table. I really was quite astounded, as I have often looked at these beautiful creatures, but find that they almost always run away pretty quickly.

Troy recorded the session, and has given me a recording of it, and I will take another listen as soon as I can. I am also interested in getting comments and info from a couple of other family members, and may put the recording online if these people are happy for me to do so.

I think, like Penny, Troy is very intuitive and empathetic, and of course had learned quite a bit about me and my journey during the few days we both spent at Dragonfly Ranch, but I still have the feeling that there was something more to this particular session, and am very keen to follow up with further investigation. Troy’s comments certainly gave me a lot to think about.

Afterwards it was time for me to leave Dragonfly Ranch, as my hire car is now due back, and I have a very full day of interesting and adventurous activities planned. My thanks once again to Troy, and of course to Barbara for her wonderful hospitality. If you are ever heading to the Big Island, and want to stay somewhere quite unique, you may wish to consider the Dragonfly Ranch.

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