How exciting! Main flights now booked!

I was woken early this morning by a call from my very helpful travel representative with a view to sorting out my main flights for the forthcoming trip.

I have been procrastinating a bit, as the house has not sold, but I finally decided, “What the heck? I’m just going anyway, I can leave the house and paperwork in the hands of the estate agent and settlement agent. Should be fine!” I hope it will.

So my first flight is now booked for Sunday 3rd August, just over a week away, from Perth to Dubai, where I arrive early on Monday morning. From there I fly to Nice in France, and have a few weeks in Europe, including the Tomatina Festival in Spain. After that I fly from Madrid to London, have a few weeks in the UK, and head to Germany for beer-swilling at Oktoberfest.

From Germany I fly to New York on 6th October, and am free to travel the States for a few months. My next flight is booked for January from Honolulu to Tokyo, and then eventually back to Australia in February.

I am now officially excited!

I did a bit of work on the map page today, and figured out how to add a Google map, with lines and dates for flights, and pins for the approximate times and dates for achieving the first few goals.

Over the next couple of days I will try to get a bit more information on the map, the calendar and some more details in each of the individual goals that are planned for the early stages.

There are join-in opportunities coming up if you are in the vicinity. Do you want to come along on any of these?
Ski Dubai – planned for Tues 5th August 2008, maybe around 2pm
Big Bungee Jump – planned for Sat 9th August 2008 (to be confirmed)
Dive at Christ of the Deep – planned for Wed 20th August 2008 (tbc)
Tomatina Festival – happens on 27th August 2008

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