Happy New Year!

New Year’s Eve was the last chance to get out on a dog sled, and we harnessed up a small team of six dogs to take us directly out from the kennels on a small track through the woods.

I am getting much better at harnessing the dogs, and between us we were set up pretty quickly, and were off into the trees. Moe took the sled on the way out, and I sat in as passenger, and we followed the twisting and turning track through the most beautiful winter scenery.

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Eventually we turned onto a road, and swapped places, and I drove back along the road, then turned back into the woods to follow another track back. I experimented a bit with trying to steer the sled, and managed to avoid all the trees on the return journey.

It was the most incredible experience, so beautiful and quiet. It was almost exactly as I had imagined dog sledding would be before heading up to Whitehorse, and I felt very proud when we arrived back at the kennels without any sort of trouble. Once again, huge thanks to Moe for making such a wonderful experience possible. This particular ride was certainly one of the highlights of the week.

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New Year’s Eve was pretty quiet. Moe’s kids arrived and we played games and listened to music, and at midnight we all ran around the outside of the house in bare feet. The thermometer outside showed minus 28 deg C !! Very cold on the toes, which took some thawing out in front of the stove.

The generator had to come into the cabin overnight so that it would start at 5.30 in the morning, in order to be able to turn the engine block heater in the car engine on, so that the car could be started by 6am. I was dropped at the airport by 7am, and am now back in Vancouver, where the temperature is a balmy and summery-feeling plus 1 deg C.

The first thing I did back at Denise and Duncan’s house was have the longest, hottest shower. What absolute luxury! Living Moe’s wintery Whitehorse lifestyle for almost a week has certainly given me a great appreciation for life’s little comforts!

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Happy New Year!! I hope you all get to achieve some of your goals in 2009.

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