Happy New Year!

As I promised myself, I took a bit of time off from thinking about goals during the break between Christmas and New Year, and just took some time out to spend with friends and family. After Christmas Day I headed down to Scarborough to visit my friend Bruce. He and partner Lizzie have moved out of the town to a lovely little farm cottage out in the country. They have done a lot of work to the place before moving in, and it is very cozy in the cold frosty winter weather. I met their new daughter Lillie, born about four months ago, who is beautiful, and delightfully cheery.

An old friend Gill was back to visit her mum over Christmas, and after a few years just missing each other each time we passed through, we finally caught up, both amazed that it is now over fourteen years since we last saw each other. How has that time passed so quickly? It was good to catch up again. We walked around the countryside a bit in the snow before heading to the pub for lunch. The snow-covered scenery was wonderful – it really has been a proper white Christmas in the north of England.

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After a couple of final days with mum, it was time to set off again, and yesterday, New Year’s Eve, I took the train back down to London. Martin and Rachel had set off a few days earlier, and have already flown down to Johannesburg, where they were spending New Year with their friend Steve, who lives and works there.

My New Year’s Eve was very quiet. In London I stayed at Martin and Rachel’s empty, quiet house, happy to stay in for the evening, having eaten and drunk far too much, and probably spent too much too, over the previous few days. I plan to spend today re-packing my bags, and re-organising myself for the next part of the journey. This afternoon I catch the Underground to Heathrow, and fly to Cape Town in South Africa, where I will meet up again with Martin and Rachel tomorrow.

I am really looking forward to seeing a part of Africa that I have never been to, and am very excited about my goals down there too – particularly shark cage diving, which has been something I have wanted to do for so long!

It’s been nice to have a rest for a week, I think I was very tired, and needed to relax a little, but I am ready now for new travels and new adventures.

Welcome to 2010! I hope you are all looking forward to a fantastic new year as much as I am.

Happy New Year!

Ian Usher
1st January 2010

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