Fundraising – your help needed please.

I think one of the most challenging goals I have set for myself is to raise a significant sum of money for a charity which is close to my heart – Bowel Cancer & Digestive Research Institute.

So far, things have progressed slowly, as I really have not known how to set about this goal and I know I have procrastinated a bit. However, I know I now need to progress, and while on the two day drive from Perth to Exmouth recently to go and see the whalesharks, an idea slowly developed.

And here it is …. 50 pictures from my travels, each picture presented as a limited edition of just 50 prints, individually numbered and signed. That’s a total of 2500 pictures altogether.

Each individually signed and numbered picture can be secured for a donation of AU$20 (+ p&p), and if I manage to sell them all, that’s a grand total of $50,000 raised, another goal achieved, and you can be a part of it! In fact, I simply can’t do this one without you!!

To receive your individually numbered, personally signed unique 100goals photo, make your selection by ticking the appropriate tickbox (you can order more than one picture if you wish – any number of pictures can be sent at no extra postage cost), click on the “View Order” button, and fill the order form.

Each picture is printed in 18x13cm (7″ x 5″) in high definition from the original 12Mb digital file, and will be personally signed and numbered in the order that donations are received. The full amount of your $20 will go direct to bowel cancer research, and hopefully prevent more avoidable deaths.

I am launching my fundraising effort at the end of Week 40, with the first 25 pictures currently being available online now. I plan to release a new picture every two weeks, the final picture being available at Week 90, with just ten weeks to go to ensure I have raised all the money I aim to raise.

If you wish to buy a low numbered picture, or perhaps even #1 of one of the sets of 50, you can pre-order forthcoming pictures up to six weeks before they are released.

Almost all my other goals so far have been entirely up to me, to do something, to go somewhere, to see something….. but this is one goal that is up to you, I simply can’t do it without your help.

I would also be grateful if you could let friends and family know about this, and any other suggestions you have to spread the word will be gratefully received too. Perhaps you have a big mailing list of friends and contacts, or know of an organisation that would be worth contacting to spread the word?

Thank you.

Below is a small selection of some of the first pictures that will be available to order.

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