Famous on the internet!

When I first launched the “ALife4Sale” website, the publicity was absolutely incredible! I was in newspapers all over the world, on TV in Australia, UK, America and Japan, and on radio shows worldwide.

One guy who heard about my sale was Evan White, a PR agent in Los Angeles, who contacted me pretty early on in the whole process, and he seemed like a pretty well connected guy. One of his most interesting previous projects was acting as publicity agent for Kyle MacDonald, who started with one red paperclip, and swapped it until he eventually ended up with a house. More details on the “One Red Paperclip” story here:
One Red Paperclip on TV – ABC 20/20
One Red Paperclip website
Wikipedia – One Red Paperclip

Over the three month period of “ALife4Sale” Evan and I talked a lot, and became pretty good friends. He did a lot of behind-the-scenes publicity work for me, particulary in the US, and worldwide on the internet, and I am sure he played a big part in how much attention the sale received worldwide when it launched on eBay!

Just yesterday he sent me a link to an interview he did, and I was pleased to be mentioned alongside Kyle and his One Red Paperclip story as one of Evan’s projects.

Evan and I plan to meet up when I eventually get out to LA, and I am looking forward to lounging around that pool with a few beers!

Find out more about Evan, and the people he represents at:

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