Crossing Nevada.

On the way down out of the hills I passed a very enthusiastic group of girls shouting about car washes, and decided that it was time to give the outside of the RV a bit of a clean. The girls from Castro Valley High School cheerleader squad did a fantastic job!

Fuel for the next leg of the journey was the next order of business, and at the gas station I met Peter, who had a fantastic home-built motorised bicycle. The Schwinn bike had an 80cc go-cart engine mounted on the frame, and Peter told me he could get 80 miles per gallon, and 50 miles per hour out of it. I really want one of these. It would be the ideal transport to carry on the back of the RV, for exploring areas when the RV is parked up. Maybe one day… I got Peter’s number for when I get round to building one!

I spent a few hours shopping for food and some DIY materials to make life in the RV a little more comfortable and practical. Susan had decided to join me for the trip to Utah, and I met her at the train station, this time with a surprisingly small bag, and the journey finally began.

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After an overnight stop at my favourite RV-friendly store, Walmart, in Roseville, California, we made good time this morning, and crossed into Nevada, stopping in Reno for lunch, and to wander around a few of the casinos there. We invested a dollar in one of the 1 cent slot machines for very little return, and hit the road again.

Tonight’s stop is another freebie in one of the well-appointed Nevada roadside rest areas, a quick climb up one of the neaaby hills, and another longer tougher walk early tomorrow morning too.

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