“The Bucket List”

I finally got round to seeing the movie “The Bucket List” the other night, after so many people have suggested that I should see it.

It stars Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman as two guys who meet while in hospital in a cancer ward. They both find out that they only have a short while to live, and set out on a journey to tick off a list all of the things that they have wanted to achieve before kicking the bucket…. hence the name “The Bucket List”.

For more on the movie see www.IMDB.com (Internet Movie DataBase):
“The Bucket List”

I was quite surprised at how many of the things they do and the places that they travel to are on my list, or are quite similar to some of my goals. But one of the messages that I got from the film is that it is not always about the big thrills, or the majestic vistas, but is about relationships and making a difference in the lives of others.

And as I look again at my list, I hope I have got some balancing goals in there too. Yes, there are a lot of the thrills and majestic vistas, but there are some other things too, which I know will give me a lot of satisfaction. One of my main goals, which will span the whole 100 weeks is to raise money for bowel cancer awareness, and again this was another theme from the movie that resonated with me.

Read more about this goal, and my reasons for it, here:
Raise $50000 for Bowel Cancer Research

But ultimately, for me, the big question that the movie raises is this:
“Why do people always seem to wait until they find out that they are about to die, before they start living the life that they really want to live?”

If you have goals, write them down, make a list, and do something about making them happen. And do it now! Not when you find out you have only got six months left!

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