Around the world in 196 days – back in Perth.

On Sunday I flew to Perth from Sydney, finally finishing my first-ever complete around the world trip, 28 weeks after I set off back in August last year, which now seems so long ago.

On the final approach to Perth I gazed quietly out of the window, and thought about the past six months, and felt a little sad that the first trip was over. I have experienced so much, and met so many wonderful people, and coming into Perth felt a little bit too much like a return to my old life.

But then I thought that this is just a continuation of the ongoing adventure of 100goals100weeks, and is a necessary break to top up the funds, do some more planning, and prepare for the next big trip, which I expect to begin around June or July.

I am sort of looking forward to a bit of a break from the constant travel, which although very enjoyable, involves so much work too, in terms of planning and organisation. It will be nice to be in one place for a while, without having to worry about transport times, or where I might be sleeping that night!

And of course, I am also looking forward very much to catching up with friends here in Perth who I haven’t seen for over six months. I imagine there will be a bit of beer drunk over the next couple of weeks.

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