Press and publicity



Ian’s unique story means that there’s a lot of information about him online. In 2013 and 2014 we were featured in a couple of TV documentaries including the UK’s “Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild”. You can watch the video above if you’d like to get more of a feel of the type of people we are. Remember though, this IS television!

We were also featured in a Korean documentary shown on SBS (Seoul Broadcasting Services). The show was filmed in March 2014 and aired April 2014 (SBS, Seoul Broadcasting Services, Korea).

The whole show is pretty interesting, but if you just want to see our bit it starts at 33 min 25 secs:

Our island in Panama also featured on US TV show “Island Hunters”, partner show to HGTV’s popular “House Hunters”.

Our neighbours Rick and Sherrie were looking for a property to buy in the area, and our island was one of the three potential places offered:


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Prestige Magazine, Russia. August 2013