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Batter up!

The unicycling is progressing nicely! On my return to Colorado Srings on Sunday afternoon I managed to ride what must have been more than 100 yards, plus starting to get to grips with turning left and right, almost managing a full figure-of-8 at one point. I think this one is almost in the bag! Other […]

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The goals that I am currently working on all require some form of daily input, and I have always struggled with routine and to some extent, self-discipline. I always find it easier to tinker around with something inconsequential on the computer than get up and head for the gym, for example. So for the next […]

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Remaining goals in Colorado.

Moe and I picked up a car in Miami at 10pm, and drove through the night across Florida, taking turns to catch a bit of sleep. I dropped Moe off at Tampa airport at around 4.30am, and we said our sad goodbyes. In Tampa I found somewhere to park behind a big store, and fell […]

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Moving the goalposts.

Since I first made my list of 100 goals as ALife4Sale was coming to an end last year, I have only made one change, and that was done before the 100 weeks period commenced. One of my goals was to ride on the now closed thrill ride “Fly By Wire” in New Zealand. I wrote […]

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