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Returning to America.

I had a long journey from Gibraltar, flying in the evening to Gatwick airport in London, where my brother Martin, and Rachel, came to meet me and drop off my larger rucksac, which I hadn’t needed for my trip to Spain. They suggested we head to a nearby pub for a few beers, which sounded […]

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Underwater Hotel – an invitation to join in…..

On several previous occasions, I have borrowed a quote from the movie “Into The Wild”, in which Christopher McCandless finds himself living completely alone in the Alaskan wilderness. His eventual and somewhat tragic realisation is “Happiness is not real unless shared.” As I have progressed through my list of goals I have endeavoured, as much […]

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Some new plans coming together.

Along with tackling my Australian-based goals, and taking a bit of a break, my main focus while here in Perth is to plan my upcoming travels for the next few months. It’s a complicated process, as there are a lot of factors to take into account. The biggest hurdle is that many of the goals […]

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