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New learnings.

During my travels over the last six months, being motivated to get on and achieve new goals was pretty easy. In fact at times, I was quite amazed at how easily some of the goals almost just fell into my lap. As I reflect upon the trip now, two such examples come easily to mind. […]

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Breakthrough to Success.

I am absolutely worn out this evening, but in a really good way. A month or so ago I received an email invite to a seminar weekend here in Perth, run by a company called Universal Events. I hadn’t heard of them before, but the email had come via another company’s mailing list that I […]

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Goal 35 – Thar she blows!

I flew back from Yonaguni via Ishigaki once again, and was picked up at the airport in Naha by Miho, Doug’s diving shop business partner. We went past the dive shop to say a quick hello to Jim, the business photographer, and then Miho dropped me off at Doug’s apartment, the spare bedroom of which […]

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Paris really is a picture-postcard city. You feel that you are absolutely spoilt as to which way to point your camera, and I think I got a bit trigger happy initially, and took a lot of photos. After climbing the Eiffel Tower the three of us wandered south along the Seine, to see a small […]

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French progress.

I have been in France now for two weeks, staying in a French household, and living a French sort of lifestyle. This includes dipping bread in your coffee in the morning, eating quite a lot of cheese, and drinking plenty of red wine. I quite like it, but am still a bit hesitant about the […]

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