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Happy New Year

After all the excitement of the TEDx event in Austria, we headed back to the UK to a very wintery scene. We spent some time visiting Vanessa’s family and friends in the South, before heading up to my home town of Darlington where we stayed with my mum. I took a trip down memory lane, […]

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Art and science in LA.

Artist John Robertson contacted me quite some time ago, telling me that inspired by me putting my life up for sale on eBay, he had done something similar, and had put his own lifestyle on offer. He lives in a small park home just above the beach near Santa Monica, and enjoys fantastic views over […]

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Goal 19 achieved – The City of the Angels.

Wow, three goals achieved in three days! I’ll be finished by Christmas if I can keep this up!! On Saturday I experienced indoor skydiving in a vertical wind tunnel, yesterday I completed my journey across Route 66 by finally arriving at Santa Monica, and today I headed into Hollywood to complete my goal of seeing […]

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