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Goals still to be achieved.

Well, 100 goals in 100 weeks was always going to be a huge challenge, and of course, the perfect ending to the story would be the achievement of the complete list. When I started writing the list out in 2008, before the ALife4Sale auction had even started, I didn’t censor myself in any way, whether […]

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The goals that I am currently working on all require some form of daily input, and I have always struggled with routine and to some extent, self-discipline. I always find it easier to tinker around with something inconsequential on the computer than get up and head for the gym, for example. So for the next […]

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Remaining goals in Colorado.

Moe and I picked up a car in Miami at 10pm, and drove through the night across Florida, taking turns to catch a bit of sleep. I dropped Moe off at Tampa airport at around 4.30am, and we said our sad goodbyes. In Tampa I found somewhere to park behind a big store, and fell […]

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Red Apple Day.

This week is “Bowel Cancer Awareness Week”, and today is “Red Apple Day”. I have mentioned on several occasions my charity fundraising goal on behalf of the Bowel Cancer and Digestive Research Institute. If you are wanting to make a contribution, and help towards the achievement of another goal, then today might be an ideal […]

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More slow progress being made.

I have had the feeling for a while that I am not really making any significant progress. But I have managed at last to finally make a couple of leaps forward this morning. But there are still so many things unresolved at the moment, and I am feeling a bit like a plate spinning circus […]

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Goal 46 – Virgin territory.

I have long been an admirer of Richard Branson, and have mentioned him in several of by past blog postings:- Screw It, Let’s Do It! Kitesurfing, Richard Branson and naked supermodels! Help needed… yes, again! And so it was with great excitement that I headed into central London this morning with my brother Martin. While […]

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