86 days to go!! “Life For Sale” – the song

I keep being amazed on a daily basis by the response to ALife4Sale, but never more so than when I found out that a song had been written about me!!

A friend pointed out the link to me, and I took a look, and a listen.

“About Rise and Shine :-
This is a pilot for a new kind of radio programme. Rise and Shine is a live experimental breakfast show, in which songwriters face the daily challenge of writing a song based on news and current events. The pilot lasts one month, starting February 26th, 2008.
You’ll be able to download the rough demos for free, and we’ll be selling the finished tunes on behalf of BuskAid, a remarkable South Africa-based musical charity.”

I was picked on 17th March as the subject for the song of the day – “Life For Sale” – the story of a dream turned sour. What an honour!

The idea behind the show is that they are raising money for BuskAid, and as of today they have raised $301. There are only two more days to run until the end of their initial one month long trial period, so if you want to listen, and perhaps even chip in for BuskAid, go along and have a look.

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