Today is the day. 100 goals starts now!

100 goals starts today. I have left the house in the hands of the real estate agent, and am now at a friend’s house for dinner before being dropped off at the airport in a couple of hours to catch my flight to Dubai.

My first goal is scheduled to be achieved 2pm on Tuesday afternoon at SkiDubai, and then there are only 99 more to go after that!

I am still disappointed that I didn’t get to leave as I planned, leaving everything behind for the new owner, but somewhat symbolically, the last two items I picked up as I left the house were my wallet and passport.

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Françoise - August 3, 2008 Reply

Have a great starting day, Ian !
I wish you the deepest..
…and I’m ready for your French lessons, if – by chance – Brussels could be part of your journey… 😉
Bon vent, l’Ami !

Veronica - August 3, 2008 Reply

Have a wonderful journey, Ian! I wish you all the best and will be following your blog to live vicariously through you. This is going to be a wonderful experience.

I live in Jackson, MS, USA, but am originally from South Africa. Glad to say that I have done both the goals you are planning for South Africa. Enjoy Table Mountain. Cape Town is my most favourite city!


Yvette - August 3, 2008 Reply

Yay! Congratulations and let the fun begin! Only passport and wallet, eh? I know that’s the plan, but what about the laptop? We want to hear all about it, real-time! I’ll look forward to hearing all about Goal #1 so I hope you’ll find a way to blog about it. Thanks for keeping us posted and have a great journey!

Elana - August 6, 2008 Reply

Awesome Ian!
I hope everything is as amazing for you as you make it sound….wish I was there…LOL!!!!

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