Remnants of my life now on sale.

If a real job continues to elude me for the next couple of weeks, then I think I will be departing on the next leg of the journey in early May, just a month or so away.

Because the sale of my life ended without the whole package selling as one single item, and I had to eventually sell the house in a much more traditional way, I found myself having to store most of my furniture in a friend’s garage.

Well, I still have most of my household goods, and have decided that it is time to sell as much of it as I can. I am hoping that I can raise enough cash to cover the cost of the airfares for the next six month journey.

So yesterday I placed several adverts in the local free advertising paper, the “Quokka”, and am hoping to start to shift some stuff over the weekend. The first four items offered for sale (there is a maximum of four free ads per household) are:-

Dining suite (table and six chairs) with volcanic stone inlays.
Queen size bed and mattress
TV and DVD/video player
Front loader automatic washing machine

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Unfortunately all these items are pretty big and heavy, so are for sale on a “local pick-up only” basis, but I do have a lot of other, smaller stuff I plan to sell too.

Over the next week or so I hope to list a lot of it on either or, which is a sort of Australian version of Craigslist.

Pretty much everything I had listed at ALife4Sale is still available, so if there is anything you fancy, let me know!

Happy Easter everyone!

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