One night in Bangkok.

Well, three nights in Bangkok, actually. My ex-brother-in-law Tony has lived in Bangkok on and off for around six years now, and I haven’t seen him for over four years. So I thought that as I passed through Bangkok on my way to see the Elephant Round Up, it might be a good chance to catch up again.

I have passed through Bangkok a few times before on my travels to and from Australia, so it is nice to be back again. It’s a huge, busy, chaotic, fun city. One of the things I like most here is the huge wealth of really cheap, really tasty food choices. Absolutely everywhere you walk there is a huge array of little street carts cooking all sorts of tasty-looking foods. A decent chicken-fried-rice as a pavement restaurant costs around a dollar, and is usually delicious.

Today I had a few practical things to do out and about, so met Tony close to the school where he teaches English, and we went for an early lunch. Afterwards i took the bargain tourist ferry along the river, a fantastic 20 Baht (around 60 cents) to travel almost right across the city on the river.

The river is a splendid chaos of barges, ferries, long-tail boats, floating restaurants and assorted other craft, all vying for space on the crowded water.

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At my ferry stop I made my way to Bangkok-Backpacker-Central, the must-see Khao San Road, packed with dreadlocked, baggy-trousered travellers from all over the world, scouring the fantastic street market for t-shirt, flip-flop and DVD bargains.

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A cab ride took me to the railway station, where I booked my ticket for a seven hour train journey tomorrow to Surin, to the east of Bangkok.

All organised for the next two goals now, I hope, although accomodation arrangements in Surin are a little sketchy at the moment – I’m sure it will work itsef out, it usually does – so we’re off out for a few beers tonight!

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