Live bull running video tomorrow morning….

After eventually making it home yesterday evening, and relaxing for an hour or two, I headed back out at around 11pm, with my six American pals, Mike and his brother Willy, Fipps and Ivy, Nick and Curtis. We got a great position in front of the big stage in the huge Plaza del Castillo, and at midnight The Gypsy Kings played a fantastic concert.

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I eventually made it to bed at around 3am, much later than planned, as I needed to be up again before 6am to go to Michael’s apartment for his balcony party for the first run of the bulls.

I felt remarkably good when my alarm went off, and Curtis and I got ready to head out. It’s Curtis’s last day, and he was going to run. I woke Mike too, who seemed pretty groggy, and he started to round up his sleepy group.

I wished Curtis well as we went our separate ways, and arrived at Michael’s in good time. He has an amazing view of the main street, and had put on a great breakfast spread too.

Eventually, at 8am the rocket went off, a huge cheer went up, and the first bull run of 2009 started. The street was pretty packed, and people started running below us, long before the bulls arrived. In the distance to my right I saw the bulls come round Dead Man’s Curve, and head along Estafera.

They passed below in two groups, and although a couple of people tripped over, it looked like a pretty clean run-through, and I hope it is so again tomorrow, as I plan to be down there taking part. Here’s how it looked this morning:

Michael had also set up a camera above the balcony looking down into the street, and broadcast live on the web via uStream. He will be doing the same again tomorrow, and I hope to be running along the section that his camera looks at, achieving goal #49.

You can watch it live if you like here:

Once again, I can’t thank Michael enough for his kindness and assistance, and use of his fantastic balcony. Don’t hesitate to contact him at if you plan coming next year!

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