“I’m Ready For My Close Up Now, Mr DeMille!”

The drive back from Lake Elsinore to downtown Beverly Hills early on a Monday morning is certainly a challenge in the RV, and took quite some time! The traffic is incredible! I have no idea how people can do this on a daily basis.

Finding a parking spot where i wouldn’t get a ticket was the next challenge, but aided by Eric, who I have now met a couple of times here in LA, and who was meeting me for a coffee, I found a suitable spot.

At the One Source Talent office I met again with office manager Ema, and had some photos taken by Anji, and filled out some details for my “Talent Comp Card”. I don’t know if I can really be referred to as “talent”!

I can also print out or email my comp card, and pick different photos, depending on the role I am applying for:-

click to see larger picture

So I’m ready for my big scene now! Over to Ema and the team at One Source Talent. Ema has promised to try her best to help achieve the goal, and hopefully her team can come up with something. Thanks for all the help so far. How exciting!

Note: The blog title is the often mis-quoted line from the 1950 movie “Sunset Boulevard” The actual quote, from actress Gloria Swanson at the end of the movie is:
“All right, Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up.”

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