Back in England again.

I’ve been back in England for almost a week now, and it has been wonderful. Life has been comfortable and easy. There is electricity available all the time, clean water comes out of the taps, warm showers are readily available, and you never have to worry about the potentially adverse effects of what you are eating!

I flew into Heathrow, and stayed with my brother Martin and Rachel for a couple of days, and then when his car came out of the repair shop after a mysterious electrical problem, I borrowed that and headed north.

I stopped off for a quick visit with Colin Furze, who helped me out in June last year by allowing me to ride his home-made Wall of Death. He has been in the news again, having added a flame-thrower to the back of his scooter to deal with traffic problems! It is only a publicity stunt, to promote the bike company that sponsors him, but things have back-fired (pun intended!), and he has been arrested for creating a firearm. He appears in court in a couple of days – good luck Colin!

Further north, I have now arrived back in my old home town of Scarborough, and am staying with my old business partner and best mate Bruce, along with family Lizzie, Tyler and Lilly. It is wonderful to be back among friends, and I have enjoyed catching up with so many people in my short time here.

Bruce and Lizzie live out in the country on a small farm, and we have fresh free-range eggs every morning, and have to hand feed some baby lambs every few hours in one of the barns. It’s quite a different lifestyle to what I have been used to recently.

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Tomorrow I have to head onward to Darlington, time in England is very tight on this trip. I am looking forward to seeing mum, and particularly to going out for lunch with cousin Mike for his 50th birthday tomorrow. Happy Birthday Mike!

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David S - May 5, 2010 Reply

Nice to hear about Mr. Furze, even if he is in "hot" water. I hadn't heard about him in a while and was worried he'd accidentally done himself in!

Also, glad to see you doing so well on your goals, and taking a well-deserved break in the UK!

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