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Our New Lives in the Wild.
Caribbean island life in the beautiful archipelago of Bocas del Toro, Panama

NEWLY UPDATED VERSION - published 21st February 2014

NOTE: If you are looking for the "Paradise Delayed Extras" - photos and videos illustrating the book chapter by chapter - please click here.

What does someone do after putting their whole life up for sale on eBay, then travelling the world for two years with a list of 100 lifetime goals and a challenging timeframe of 100 weeks, and finally selling the rights for the whole amazing story to Walt Disney Pictures?

Why, they go and buy their own private Caribbean island, of course!

The author's continuing quest for amazing adventures and incredible experiences take him to the beautiful tropical archipelago of Bocas del Toro, on the Caribbean coast of Panama. There he somehow ends up purchasing his own private Caribbean island - it sounds like a dream come true, doesn't it?

Maybe not! The trials and tribulations of a gringo trying to make a home on an overgrown island make for a fascinating portrayal of life in this challenging area of the world.

Sinking boats, defective chainsaws, document forgery and aggressive roosters are just a small sample of the hurdles facing a tired traveller who really just wants to lie in a hammock sipping margaritas for a while!

"Paradise Delayed" may make you re-consider the nature of the Caribbean island dream, or may just inspire to find your own adventure of a lifetime.

This newly updated version of “Paradise ...delayed” contains 16 new chapters chronicling more tropical adventures and mishaps, including details of the filming of a documentary TV show at the island, appropriately titled “New Lives in the Wild”.


Kindle eBook





"Paradise" is also available in paperback on other Amazon sites worldwide:-

Amazon Canada (amazon.ca)
Amazon France (amazon.fr)
Amazon Germany (amazon.de)
Amazon Italy (amazon.it)
Amazon India (junglee.com)
Amazon Japan (amazon.jp)

Also available at other online retailers worldwide:-
(here are a few examples):-
Search for ISBN: 9780980865318 for a copy
somewhere near your location.

Digital versions of "Paradise Delayed"
for devices other than Kindle
are available here:-


Files types available:-
.html (for online reading)
.mobi (for Kindle and Kindle apps)
.epub (for iPad, Sony, Nook, Kobo and more)
.pdf (for reading on a PC)
.rtf (word processor file)
.lrf (for older Sony readers)
.pdb (for Palm readers)
.txt (basic text)

Reviews for "Paradise Delayed" :-

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"I found myself retelling several of the funnier (mis)adventures to my family and friends."
D. Sloan (Amazon.com review)

For further information on Ian's other books, please click here:-
Ian Usher - Writer

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"Big challenges provide big opportunities."
Ian Usher


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Paradise Delayed book cover Paradise Delayed
describes the challenges faced on Ian's latest adventure, living off-grid on his own Caribbean island...

...more information here...

A Life Sold book cover A Life Sold
tells the story of a globe trotting, goal achieving, two-year adventure in which Ian tackles a list of 100 goals...
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